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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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i do not know when we lost that concern. we shut down emergency services throughout the city and put everything up on a hill with some of the busiest streets in san francisco. i got lost or we lost that concern. supervisor mar: that is really helpful. i know that there are state requirements. we're talking about jobs today, but i know that there have been different delays and other complications at different times, i think that will come up later. but i appreciate the perspective. >> thank you. supervisor mar: next speaker. >> my name is claire. thank you very much. thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. i know this is about jobs, but i want to tell you that the reason i came here today is i have lived in san francisco since 1948, at a live one block from
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the proposed structure. -- and i live one block from the proposed structure. i volunteered at cpmc for over 17 years, and my daughter was born in cpmc 60 years ago. so i have a -- well, anyway, a new hospital is desperately needed at this side. an earthquake, unfortunately, can occur any time. i do not believe any of the present campuses are adequate in a catastrophe to help. this hospital will serve a large area for all diversified citizens. the new structure will assure patients of good care, private rooms, and especially for parents and their newborns. to have surgery in such a building will ensure better health for all. i have seen the nurses at the hospital. i work with them constantly as a
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volunteer. and they are wonderful people, but i hate to see this bickering back and forth, because this is desperately needed. [bell rings] and it has been going on long and long and long. i would like for to be completed so that i can volunteer before i die. thank you very much. supervisor mar: thank you, ma'am. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am with cathedral hill neighbors. i am a retired planner and a labor council delegate. setting up small special use districts for two major hospital projects with lots of employees and clients begs the question of planning and regulations for the surrounding areas. i am speaking to two out of the 13 items which would set up special use districts around -- medical special use districts
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around cathedral hill and st. luke's. of course, jobs are important, both in construction and in medical services and first source hiring should be included and enforced. but beyond a token level. and if sutter is going to be the largest employer in san francisco, we do not want an example of harming existing employees and not having rehiring rights at the new hospitals. but in terms of jobs, i do not think that is enough. neither the planing concepts or the zoning of cesar chavez or van ness as their propose now will facilitate future development of appropriate ancillary or surrounding employment generating areas. think of two examples. a negative one, pill hill in
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oakland or telegraph and broadway are dead in the vicinity of the major hospital in the complex but i positive one, mission bay, where hospital uses a conscious and complementary use to the other activities, community facilities, and housing in the area and vice versa. this rezoning should not have been done without looking at the context of the future desirable surrounding uses and traffic flow. [bell rings] to remedy that, the development agreement needs to provide funding for such studies in both areas. do it right. consider what the surrounding areas will be in the future and plan for it. thank you. supervisor mar: that will come up at a future hearing as well, so thank you. next speaker. >> thank you for letting me speak today. i am the executive director of the community center in the excelsior neighborhood near st. luke's hospital.
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health care needs for low-income and people of color. in 2010, we were approached by the california nurses association about the serious allegations of discriminatory hiring directives, specifically for the hiring of new nurses at cpmc hospitals. the sworn statement indicated the sutter west bay president for hiring showed -- we have a former cpmc director of critical care services stating that she ordered me another nurse managers to refrain from hiring filipino nurses, told me not to hire filipino nurses. twice, you're not to hire filipino nurses and you're not to hire any filipinos. she added that filipinos are always related or know each other and that is not good. another nurse manager and supervisor who is prepared to go to a meeting with us in cpmc that we were able to get but was denied entry, heard die in this
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edition not hire any foreign graduate nurses. in previous years, we saw is sharp decline in the rate of hiring filipinos between 2008 and 2010. after cpmc in every other cross battle in the country was actively recruiting filipino nurses and desperate for jobs. we confronted these allegations but were not satisfied with outcomes of the first meeting. [bell rings] we have been following another case. a cpmc employee and chaplain resident was told, you terrible people, you do not confront your oppressor, and then you become violent. a racist comment. we want to make sure this does not happen to any other workers are communities in san francisco and we supported accountability for cpmc for the demands of the good community benefits agreement. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. [laughter] let me say that we're joined by supervisor olague. a number of us made opening remarks.
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i like to give her the opportunity to do that. if you have not been called yet, there is -- there are 88 speaker cards that are probably before year. i will read a few more. joe, dennis, kathy, ina, natalie, and bernadette. supervisor olague: there two folks standing. we can hear them before i speak. >> good afternoon. i am president of the fillmore neighborhood association. divisadero 2 van ness and geary to growth. i am in support of cpmc and no delays. the geary and van ness areas are an economic dead zone. it has been that way for a long time. i believe development can actually create jobs as well as create small-business opportunities from many different dimensions.
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my concern actually is if we were to delay this process, the only reason would be to complete -- to do a complete overhaul of the mayor's office of workforce development. if not, i do not see a reason to delay this project. another concern i have is that some of the groups against this proposal, not saying that the reasons are valid or invalid, but there has not been any outreach in our community. i would think that the community that this development is taking place in, the concerns that are happening, it would be logical to engage with the community, and this could have been done through many, many -- a long time that it went through the planning commission. i do not think there has been any outreach in our community about the concerns we have with this development. i feel that it should be moved
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along. [bell rings] and that the major issue is with the economic opportunity. the mayor's handling of these resources, and are they going to handle it in a way that will of the biggest impact? but there is a delay, let's overhaul the office of economic and workforce development, because i think that is the biggest problem with many of these developments over the years of people not benefiting in the impact not being seen. it is not necessarily with a cpmc. when these go through, is the mayor going to deliver? please push this forward. thank you. [laughter] supervisor mar: thank you. mr. paulson, yes are pretty sure i did not call your card. you have not been called yet. please wait your turn. there are many people that are way before you. please respect the process. i would like to ask of supervisor olague has some remarks. supervisor olague: yeah, i guess my remarks would be towards the
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cities. more like questions, i guess. supervisor mar: if you give your remarks, we will make sure that they are addressed, but it will probably be at the end. it was said that staff is doing this, so there will be able to respond at the end. supervisor olague: ok, because i wanted to mention that i did recently good feedback from some tenant organizers who attended a meeting at the richard sent complex, this beautiful new complex -- the richardson complex, this beautiful new complex located right off of hayes. 175 formerly homeless residents reside there, and it is beautiful facility. but my understanding is that the unemployment rate among many of those residents is very high. above 50%, if not way above 50%
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of the residents there that are unemployed. i have heard similar things from some of the co-ops, plaza east, and some of the other housing sites in that area that are somewhat adjacent or close to the new facility. i guess i would like to understand and little bit more about what type of entry level jobs might be available to residents of the district and what the opportunities might be for those residents in d-5. i hear mr. crawford's concerned a little bit about the implementation, so how that would be coordinated with the city, and that sort of thing. also, i had a question -- i apologize if it has already been asked, regarding the transfer
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rights of what they would be for some of those folks whose jobs would be displaced at st. luke's, if there would have the ability to be hired at the new facility? i think that is really -- also, i am kind of saddened to hear that there has not been a lot of movement around the concerns of the filipino nurses. so i would like -- i would hope that there is some movement around that, as that has been out there for a number of years. i remember hearing that exact letter about three years ago. i am hoping that there is a little bit more understanding between the community and the institution around the issue of filipino nurses. but, finally, i would like to --
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there was a question that some folks had sent to me in relationship to the definition of entry-level position. so i guess we wanted a little bit of clarity around the two years of training or specific preparation, whether they meant no less or up to -- i guess there is the vagueness around the language. >> yes, supervisors chiu raise that question. i believe miss simmons said it is generally two years in below. that was my understanding of her response. supervisor olague: ok. i guess those are my main things, just wondering a little bit about the possibilities of engaging in some kind of work force program around jobs that are entry level or that might
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actually work to house some of these folks that are living in the community, like the individuals that were formerly homeless at richardson and other types of things but i am curious about the workforce programs outside of just the construction and the medical part. so housekeeping, you know, that sort of -- those types of jobs. supervisor mar: we will make sure that those questions get answered or that the information will get to you and your staff. thank you so much for being here. let's go back to public comment. next speaker. >> my name is joseph, and i want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak today. i am lifelong resident of san francisco, born and raised here. went to st. philip's elementary school. i live in noe valley. i want to say that i fully support the building of a
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seismically safe hospital in my neighborhood. i think a recent poll came out in the san francisco examiner that said nearly 70% of the residence in the city supported this project and this plan, so please listen to your voters. and just to leave you after a little story, obviously the seismic issue is a big one here. i remember being 3 years old and playing in noe courts when it still had a sand and a wooden play structure, and i remember the crowd moving really fast and really hard. i had no idea what was going on. i remember my dad picking me up. it was the 1989 earthquake. another one is going to come. i have a bunch of family in new york. they think we're crazy for living out here because the earthquakes and all that. but please do what is right and responsible for the city. please ensure that this project goes forward. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. i have a number of other kurds.
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commissioner richardson, todd, barry, ruth, andrew, and bernie. >> thank you members for hearing this. i am a project engineer, general construction for cathedral hill project. i live in the lake merced neighborhood. i support cpmc's rebuild plan. i graduated university a month ago with a civil engineering. as a young professional, i am very concerned that recent graduates are leading in unemployment statistics. i do not want to join the ranks of the unemployed. i am san francisco resident, and i am support cpmc because it will bring jobs that are needed. i got my job, university when i met people from cpmc looking for
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interns. my entrance of one successful and i got a full-time position as a project engineer as soon as a graduated. i am eager to contribute in the construction of this new hospital. i want to apply what i have learned that the university and get even more knowledge from all the brilliant engineers, designers, and the modelers working on the project. i am here today because i care about the project. i want my city to have a safe hospital and the best health care possible for san francisco residents. cpmc will provide both of these. this is my future. this is the future for my city. let's get it done. i ask that you vote in support of cpmc without a delay. supervisor mar: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you for hearing this item today.
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my name is bernadette, and i am is san francisco in native currently residing in the bayview area. i am recent graduate of the cycle 5 construction administrative program. i am currently completing my internship. my son and i were both born at st. luke's hospital by the same doctor. what a coincidence. approving this plan will allow his children to also be born at st. luke's. this will give myself, my fellow classmates, our sister class city build, as well as members of our community a chance to become gainfully employed. it will give us a chance to be great role models for our children and other providers for our family. i support the cpmc rebuild plan. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is kathy. for the past two years, i have worked in the employee health
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services department at cpmc as a nurse practitioner. i want to thank you for allowing me to be here today and to hear what i have to say. part of my job, i work with employees in just about every department ed cpmc, so i know employees from every department. and i do believe that they are truly devoted to providing the best possible patient care. and i see that they sincerely enjoy what they do. they sincerely enjoy their jobs. i can also say that i see in my department every single newly hired individual. they come through my department, and i can see the cpmc and the managers in the human-resources department, they're very committed to hiring and to
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retaining the best workers, the best professionals for cpmc. and i believe part of their commitment to their employees is to give the employees the best and safest tools to do their job effectively. and they do strive to exceed in industry standards. a safe workplace is paramount. [bell rings] for the employees and for the patient. i also believe that the construction effort will provide many valuable jobs to city residents but i am proud to work for cpmc, and i hope that i can continue to work here for many years. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you for being here. i have a few more names. hattie, lorenzo, ryan, reverend walker, antonio, robert, nella,
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and rami. >> good afternoon, supervisors. yes, linda richardson, commissioner in this city. but i am here today to represent the bayview hunters point center. we consider your position as an ally of cpmc. but the time is short. we have a long history. and cpmc has a long history of doing great work in the city and county of san francisco. your job today is not to rectify the contract. i think that is why we had the bargaining. we value this, and user leadership to encourage cpmc to get together with them, and let's make this part of the project. but you need to focus on why the rebuild of cpmc, a state of the
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art facility, in a bad economy. delaying this project -- we have had the discussion for a long time now, and it is definitely not wise. the majority of the people of san francisco support this project. i am embarrassed by the community benefits which is unprecedented. if you look at the housing component of that, if you look at the other things out there. i know we need to work together with the community-based organization for this project. we cannot afford to engage in open-ended discussions when we bring viable projects to san francisco. this city has to be more responsible to make sure that we do not add costs to projects that this city needs, because we're all going to lose if we fail to look to the bigger picture. i am in support of cpmc. and thank you for your time.
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supervisor mar: commissioner, i know that the lennar project contributed $7 million, and i wonder what you think about the discrepancy? >> i look at the benefits -- no one project is alike. as a former planning commissioner, have had the opportunity to look at many projects in the city. we look at a different picture here. specifically for this project, we know that the academy, the job creation, there are so many elements to that. i know that mayor lee and his staff looked before deciding about support of this project. sometimes there are generics. their commonalities. lennar is a fine developer in this city, regardless of what people say about them backing out on their promises. actually, we have ongoing
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engagements. yulia the broader community benefits that are going to be made available, it might be the housing element, and this is the way that you need to look at the bigger picture. and i will be glad, supervisor, to engage with you. because i was also involved with all these projects. supervisor mar: thank you very much. next speaker. i will take the time to call more names. michael, david, javier, wolfgang, bertha, and gloria. >> thank you. san francisco tomorrow, which i represent, supports the appeal and the benefits advocated by
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the proponents. however, we find the proposal short with regard particularly to legal and professional needs that require, as we know in our submission, a cumulative impacts the everything that occurs -- supervisor mar: we're focused on jobs today, and the appeal has not been made yet. >> but the point i am making is the cumulative impact analysis with regard to job creation and preservation, and preservation is essential to a seat or the responsibilities lie with regard to mitigations. this is a complex job. we are a central city, 8 million. these are interrelated job components necessary for sustaining the entire region. while we are dealing with a major employer, all of us are
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regarding our employment needs. this analysis does not relate to that. the analysis is, in fact, very primitive. second, the law requires that all feasible means be used to analyze the mitigation for job creation and preservation. all job creation. this is not been done. the fact that housing has risen in cost 70% in the last year means that many people are dis employed by being exiled from their jobs and moved out of the city. this is not an ally. by the way, have one more point. it is improper to porkchop the developer for all the mitigations and needs when this is a collective responsibility. supervisor mar: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, members of the board, for hearing this matter
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today. my name is andrew. i am a mission represent. i represent the construction employers association. i do not think there is any dispute on the importance of investing in our infrastructure and rebuilding our hospitals to make them seismically safe. we are here today to talk about jobs. plain and simple, delaying this project delays jobs. 1500 construction jobs. starting day one, there will be union laborers on the ground doing demolition work. the need for those jobs for the
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building trades members are of the utmost importance right now. we have talked a lot about local hire today. workforce development, at they have done more for local hire and more for development of those programs than any contractor i have seen as a member of the san francisco contract in liaison advisory group. they have been teaching classes. they have been bringing their trade partners and to teach courses. they have made an unprecedented effort to bring local residents into the trade and create those clear pathways. i support this project so that we can get unique construction jobs moving forward. supervisor mar: thank you, next speaker. >> i work as a community organizer in the tenderloin.
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i wanted to talk about jobs. that is something that the mayor has been promising. a lot of the residents in tenderloin have been waiting on that promise. cpmc is about to be the single largest health-care provider and private employer in san francisco. what is their responsibility? what are your responsibilities to the community? you know, local hire, it is not enough. supervisor mar: 40 per year for five years. >> that is not enough. jobs they are promising right now, we have talked a lot about builders, building trades, construction. what about janitors? what about